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Plymouth Play Association Resource Centre has something for everyone ‐ come in and discover what you could make!

How does it work?

People pay an annual membership fee, and then pay a just a little each time they collect some scrap.

Who can use it?

Playschemes, nurseries, playgroups, schools, community groups, artists, families etc, etc… in fact it's for EVERYBODY!

What about ideas for making things with scrap?

As well as the Scrapstore, we offer exciting and fun art and craft workshops. You can hire craft boxes for a number of different activities for example: Plaster of Paris, Silk painting, Printing, Tye dyeing etc. If you need to, you can also hire a member of staff to facilitate these activities.

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday
10am - 2pm

10am - 7pm

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